Private Lessons

Ready for a private English or Turkish language lesson with Mad English Lab’s co-founder Büşra Bayram? Great! You’ve made the right choice!

Whether you are a beginner (or making an appointment for a beginner) looking to improve your English, or a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Turkish language learner, she’s ready to help you improve quickly!

Please let “Bee” know your needs or questions, using the contact form below! 

Büşra Bayram specializes in two areas:

TURKISH LESSONS: Teaching beginner, intermediate, or advanced Turkish to all age groups

ENGLISH LESSONS: Teaching beginner English vocabulary and grammar to Turkish-speaking children and young adults

Bee works within the local community of Kuşadası /Aydin, Turkey. She also understands basic Arabic and French and is happy to work with speakers of those languages as well. She’s a graduate of Adnan Menderes University, and is currently studying technical and vocational skills as an intern for Sable Mare Media LLC, an American media company.

Büşra also conducts freelance research jobs for international clients (through the internship and via Upwork), she is the co-founder of Mad English Lab, and has been featured in Incomes Abroad (print edition) and (and there’s an upcoming article in EFL Magazine). You can read more on our About Us page, or view her LinkedIn profile here.

She’s also up on social media, so please head over to Facebook to like our MEL page! And if you are an English learner of Turkish origin, visit our FB group, American English for Turkish Learners Group.

Büşra Bayram’s language tutoring pricing

Büşra bayram, busra bayram
Büşra Bayram!


Please use our contact form below to discuss Büşra’s affordable private tutoring prices and locations. She is a fun and engaging tutor, and an excellent choice for school-aged children who need to improve their English for their future goals.

If you’re looking for a smart teacher who cares about her students’ success, please contact Büşra now. Openings are still available, but she is getting busy! She also offers group rates, so bring a friend and save!



Matt Cates is a freelance creative writer and brand name specialist. His article copywriting rate is $45 an hour; for small business and product name concepts, he charges $75 a hour (which is a bargain compared to the outrageously over-inflated fees imposed by large market research companies. Well, they have large overheads to cover; Matt does not). If you’d like to learn more, you can contact Matt via the form above.

To view Matt Cates’s Top Rated freelancer profile on, visit here.

To read more about how Matt makes money on as a freelancer, read this!

To learn how to create your own Upwork profile and start earning extra income, watch this:

**Matt is NOT currently taking new English students**

Matt Cates is a University of Cambridge-certified ESL instructor for adults and offers in-person tutoring services in Kuşadası or online via Skype (for these he accepts payment via Paypal). He understands very basic Turkish, but his lessons are done completely in English. 

Private tutoring lessons begin at $15 an hour for basic online conversation practice for adults (no one under 18 years of age, sorry!) via Skype (or in person, if you live in Kusadasi, Turkey!).

What is basic conversation practice? This just means that together we will review and discuss appropriate grammar and vocabulary topics which suit your English comprehension level and needs, then you and I will sit down and talk about them. You will get practice Speaking and Listening.

For more advanced lessons, the price goes up, depending on how advanced you want to get, and whether or not you want detailed homework assignments.

So for advanced students who want more that basic conversation practice, we can discuss your specific needs and goals to determine the fairest price for you. But my prices will always be lower than the competition! Why? Because I believe that if the lessons are too expensive, people cannot afford them and won’t take them.

Visit our Contact page for schedule with us!

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