American English for Turks on Our New YouTube Playlist

Are you an American English language learner from Turkey? Then welcome to Mad English Lab! This project began on the Aegean Coast of Turkey, in the tourist town of Kuşadası. For those of you who have never been, I recommend checking it out. Okay, what was I talking about? Oh yes! English for Turks!

So, if you are a Turkish student looking for videos teaching English for Turks, then check out our YouTube playlist. There are only a few videos, but we made them to specifically help for English language learners in Turkey!

English for Turks YouTube Playlist

We also have a few posts on this site, specific for the needs of Turkish students learning English.

Most Useful English Phrasal Verbs Translated to Turkish

Differences Between British English and American Words

English Articles: When to Use A, An, or The

Free English Language Assessment Test

Overseas Scholarships for Turkish Students

english for turks, Busra Bayram
Busra Bayram

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