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Our biggest aim here at Mad English Lab is, surprisingly, not to learn English…but to first improve English to a sufficient level that one can earn a decent living online (for example, you can make money travel blogging!)

Why is earning money online important?

So one has freedom to travel!

So how does a person make money online?

There are a few different ways, but the main one we utilize currently is freelance writing. It’s very useful to get practice freelance writing so that once you are on the road, traveling around the world, you can COMBINE your skills of writing with your travel! How? Travel Blogging, of course! So in this short article we will discuss how to Make Money Travel Blogging!

Okay, let’s get started.

How to Make Money Travel Blogging

So remember, we are writing this article about how to make money with a travel blog from the standpoint that you’re already out there making trips…and it doesn’t matter if you are taking local trips or flying to far off destinations.

The world is waiting for you to blog about it!

No matter where you go, someone out there in the world is probably interested in reading about your journey!

For example, I live in the town of Kusadasi, Turkey; for me, I’m very used to it here, but it is a very popular tourist destination. Cruise ships arrive regularly to drop off daily visitors who either stroll along the beachfront or do little excursions up the road to Ephesus. Either way, I am here and I can write about this general area easily, as I’ve done more than once (for my Tripoto article Here’s Why You Really Should Move to Turkey–NOW!, Game of Travels, Track That Travel, and even this blog, in my article The Aegean Coast: Birthplace of Mad English Lab!)

I was paid for the above articles, with the exception of the one I wrote for my own blog. Each of the customers was found via, and you can read about my process for finding clients in my article here: Make Thousands of Dollars Freelance WritingI need to update that article, because currently I’ve made over $5,000 on Upwork, all from my laptop here in Turkey. I charge an average of between $30 – $45 an hour, and Upwork takes 20% commission from the first $500 per client, then 10% afterwards.

make money travel blogging

$5,000 equates to nearly 18,000 Turkish Lira at the current conversion rate, so in other words, I’ve been able to easily pay my rent just from writing on a laptop while sitting in a seaside cafe…I’d say about 125 hours of work, in total. I could do a lot more, but I’m pretty lazy. But I would say you could make $100 a day from Upwork, or more, if you really tried. Just imagine; making $100 a day online is $3,000 a month–not bad money anywhere, and certainly very good money in some parts of the world!

No, not all of my freelance writing has been travel blog articles, but some have. I know, this article is about how to make money travel blogging, but you can make money writing and blogging about other things, too. Travel blogging is only one idea!

The question for you is, do you want to:

1) freelance write for others or,

2) start your own travel blog and monetize the website?

If you freelance for others, you have a much faster paycheck but you are always on the lookout for new clients.

But it takes a very long time to set up a profitable website about your own travels. You can do it, though. The first step is to get started!

How to Monetize Your WordPress Website

I created a test bed website called, just to get some practice building a WordPress website (I also made, for my science fiction/pop culture blogging). But I never actually monetized WhyAreYouStillWorking. I did go back and monetize ScumHive, by switching from to, and using Hostgator to “host” the new site.

What does all that mean? Well, if you want to make money travel blogging, then first let’s talk about how a website makes money in the first place.

A few ways a website makes money:

Selling a product or service

Displaying advertisements which advertises pay the site to post

Displaying affiliate marketing advertisements

Linking monetized YouTube videos

Busra Bayram
Busra Bayram

So your travel blog or other website needs to be monetized in the sense that it is offering some or all of the above. To offer these types of things on a WordPress site, you are better off using, which is a lot more work but it allows you to embed YouTube videos and affiliate links and other ads. doesn’t. Well, there are different options/packages you can buy, but to the best of my knowledge at this time, you cannot insert affiliate marketing code into any site.

Selling a product or service (like private lessons), just as Amazon or any other vendor site does. You just have to make sure to get a proper business package for your site, if you are going to accept credit cards or other payment methods… Otherwise you could just use PayPal!

Displaying advertisements which advertises pay the site to post, for example if your site is about travel then you can reach out to hotels and tell them about your blog…maybe they will pay you to place an ad, just as a magazine would do…

Displaying affiliate marketing advertisements…which, when clicked, offer the site a commission if a visitor buys something (for example, here is an affiliate ad for Amazon, via Amazon Associates; if you click this and buy something from Amazon, like the iPhone shown, then I will make a small commission–the bigger the item you buy, the more money I make, so go wild! Below that is what’s called a Banner ad, also from Amazon. Instead of showing a specific item, like the iPhone, it advertises a category of items…thus casting a wider net!

So again, to display these you’ll need an affiliate account with whatever store or site you want (these are from Amazon, then you cut and paste the code from whatever item you wish to display. For example, the top item, I got by installing an extension from Amazon to my browser. Now when I visit, I can cut and paste the proper code for any item I want to make an ad for. When I am writing a post in WordPress, I need to drop that code into the Text tab, up in the right-hand side of where I am typing my post. The typing part is done using the default Visual tab; embedding code must be done in the Text tab.

Here’s some screenshots to show what I mean:

Here you can see the Amazon Associates browser extension (or ribbon); it let’s me snag the code easily for any product on I can get Text, Image, or both…

Now I just head over to my WordPress blog and click to the Text tab…



And I drop the code wherever I want it to appear. You can toggle back over to the Visual tab to see if it worked or not. If it didn’t, make sure you are using the proper version of WordPress. Again, doesn’t let you do this; the code will still look like code, even in Visual, meaning that when you publish your post, everyone is only going to see a bunch of worthless code!


Linking monetized YouTube videos, which means, of course, that you need to create content for YouTube (check out our article about that here)…

There’s a few tips to get started to make money travel blogging.

Let us know what you think, and feel free share your own story via our Facebook page! We’d love to hear about your success!





Matt Cates

Matt Cates is the co-founder and creative director of Mad English Lab.

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