Mad English Lab’s Simple 5-Step Process

I was trying to explain the concept of Mad English Lab to a friend yesterday, and decided to make a graphic for it.

It’s pretty simple:
Our students want to learn English? Why? To travel.
But travel costs money!!
So we learn English while also learning new skills…skills to help make money.
What kind of skills?
Online skills, so we can make the money from our laptop.
Why is that important to do it from a laptop?
So we can make the money while we are traveling! (They call it being a “digital nomad”)… In our situation, we’re making dollars but we live overseas, so we can exchange the dollars and really boost our earnings!
And all of this is done in English!
Making money and traveling are the MOTIVATION to learn English and learn the new skills. It’s all tied together. It’s my “mad laboratory” experiment, and right now we’re just trying it with one person at a time, but sharing the info to you all!

P.S. we also look for ways to find free money, i.e. scholarships, etc…

Mad English lab busra bayram
MEL Process

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mad english lab busra bayram
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Matt Cates

Matt Cates is the co-founder and creative director of Mad English Lab.

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