Büşra’s 1st YouTube Video – Degirmen Restaurant!

The Mad English Lab team did our first video this week, and we decided to go out for a short tour of the beautiful and famous Degirmen Restaurant in the outskirts of Kusadasi, Turkey. No, it isn’t about English learning, actually, but you know we’re also a site about travel!

Our co-founder Büşra Bayram starred in and edited the video; it’s her very first experience working with video editing and YouTube, but we HOPE there will be many more videos to come because she’s a natural talent! You can click the image below to go to YouTube and watch it!

If you are looking for an excellent Turkish-speaking freelancer, you can now hire Büşra Bayram for Turkish voice over work, tutoring, and other stuff! Just check out her new profile on Upwork.com! Of if you don’t want to go through Upwork, you can submit your request via our Contact page.


Büşra Bayram Busra Bayram
Büşra Bayram (Photo by Matt Cates)


Here’s a few more beautiful pics from our park tour of Degirmen Restaurant in Turkey!

Büşra Bayram Busra Bayram Degirmen
Büşra Bayram
Büşra Bayram Busra Bayram Degirmen
Büşra Bayram




Matt Cates

Matt Cates is the co-founder and creative director of Mad English Lab.

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