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A Turkish friend of mine has been studying English at home, from his laptop, and I noticed he was doing alright for a beginner working alone. I knew he was only putting in about an hour or so a day, because he worked full time and had a family…but still, I was impressed that he was sticking with it (he was doing a lot better than I was with my Turkish).

So I peaked over to see which website he was using, and it was DuoLingo.com. I have not used the site, and I don’t have an affiliate marketing link to share, but I just wanted to share the information about the site. The best thing that I saw him doing, in my opinion, was that he was speaking out loud and immediately practicing what he was learning, but going around his house saying things in English to his wife and kids, who usually didn’t know what he was talking about. He didn’t care; he was excited to try every new word and expression, and I think that’s how you have to be if you want to learn English.


Learning a new language should be fun, and that’s sort of what we’re trying to explore with Mad English Lab (among other things). It’s a work in progress project, not just a website. But we don’t have a test to offer yet, so for now, check out DuoLingo. It looks like it is totally free to use, and even has a free English test you an take to measure your own level. If you take it, let us know how you did on our Facebook Page!

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Matt Cates

Matt Cates is the co-founder and creative director of Mad English Lab.

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