Basic English Lesson 2: Gender Pronouns (He and Her)


Learning how to properly use gender pronouns (“he” and “she”) in the English language can be difficult for some learners, especially when their native language doesn’t have such distinctions.

But we’ll cover the basics here!

If we can all agree that all humans are either male (masculine) or female (feminine), the gender pronouns look like this:



He, Him, His, Himself



She, Her, Hers, Herself

Let’s see some examples of these words in action! We can use Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as our models, as seen in the above photo from the film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

He (Brad) went to the barber for a haircut.

She (Angelina) bought a new dress.

The above are called Subject Pronouns, because He and She are the persons doing something; they are the subjects.

I went with him (Brad) to the barber.

I liked her (Angelina) better than him.

The above are Object Pronouns; the subject is doing something with or to the object.

His (Brad’s) wife was from San Francisco.

Her (Angelina’s) husband has three brothers. 

The above are called Possessive Pronouns; they “own” something…

He (Brad) looked at himself in the mirror.

She (Angelina) saw herself on the television.

The above are Reflexive Pronouns; they are referring to the subject.

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Büşra bayram, busra bayram
Büşra Bayram!


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