Most Useful English Phrasal Verbs Translated to Turkish!


English Phrasal Verbs translated to Turkish! 

Quick note from Matt: Hey friends, Büşra Bayram put her heart into making this list of English phrasal verbs translated into Turkish. She made this just for all you English verb lovers out there! I could never do this myself, but she’s multilingual and much, much more talented than me! We sincerely hope it is useful to you! Let us know if you have any other verbs you struggle with, and we’ll try to help you out! 

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Oh, and if you don’t know exactly what a phrasal verb is, it is basically: an idiomatic phrase consisting of a verb and another element, typically either an adverb, as in break down, or a preposition, for example see to, or a combination of both, such as look down on.

add up toplama yapmak
blow up patlamak, havaya uçurmak
break down bozulmak
bring up yetiştirmek, büyütmek
call off iptal etmek
call on ezbere okumak
carry on sürdürmek
catch on yakalamak, anlamak
come across karşılaşmak
come over uğramak
do over yeniden yapmak
fall apart parçalara ayrılmak
fill out tamamen doldurmak
find out keşfetmek
get along geçinmek
get away çıkmak
get by atlatabilmek
get over başa çıkmak, aşmak
go on devam etmek
give up vazgçmek, bırakmak
hand in sunmak, teslim etmek
hang up telefonu kapatmak
hold on beklemek, hatta kalmak
hold up geciktirmek
keep away uzak durmak
leave out dışarıda bırakmak
look after ilgilenmek, bakmak
look into araştırmak, incelemek
look over kontrol etmek
look up bir listede aramak
make out duymak, algılamak
pass out bayılmak
pick out seçmek, ayırt emek
pick up kaldırmak
point out dikkat çekmek, belirtmek
put away yerine koymak
put down not etmek, yazmak
put off ertelemek
put on giyinmek
put out söndürmek
read over dikkatli okumak
run into rast gelmek
set up düzenlemek, kurmak
show off gösteriş yapmak
show up ortaya çıkmak
take down aşağıya indirmek
take off elbise çıkarmak- havalanmak
talk over tartışmak
throw away atmak
turn down sesi kısmak
turn up sesi açmak
turn on elektriği açmak
use up boşaltmak
wake up uyanmak
watch out dikkatli olmak

We hope this list of English phrasal verbs translated into Turkish was useful to you guys! Again, please let us know your thoughts; we really depend on YOUR feedback and interaction, so we can tailor the website and Facebook page to your needs!

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Thanks for reading and thanks again to Büşra Bayram for making this list! See you guys around!

Busra Bayram

Busra Bayram is the co-founder of and social media model for Mad English Lab.

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