Why You Shouldn’t Do a Master’s Degree!

I know, it sounds crazy for a student in our country’s current social condition. But you should be a little crazy when people care more about your social status than they care about you.  The social status perception seems like a guarantee of the value of your life or insurance about your future. If you want realize your dream you have to pay a heavy price for it.. (pff).  The  people can think something bad about you. ”Are you stupid?,” ”Did you lose your mind?” etc.

Cross out all of those mindsets! You have to understand whose life it is, yours or theirs, and show them. If you give permisson to someone who is interfering with your life, you are giving your life to them, too.  You shouldn’t do a master’s degree or anything for another person if you don’t want. It is decision time now. What do you want to see when you look back many many years later? ”Smile with fortunate” or “disappointment and I wish”. Forget them and take  your first step into your next life.

The world is here and waiting for you.  Don’t  be stupid :)IMG-20170504-WA0002

Busra Bayram

Busra Bayram is the co-founder of and social media model for Mad English Lab.

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