Ideas, Goals, Plans…Reality!

Busra Bayram
Busra Bayram

We were talking about this yesterday in Mad English Lab; how most people ‘talk’ and ‘complain,’ but don’t DO anything about it!

You have to start doing more than talking if you want to make a change.

Here’s my concept on how to start 🙂 It has worked in my life (so far!)

  1. Generate IDEAS about what you’d like to accomplish. It doesn’t matter how crazy the ideas are, just brainstorm and write it all down
  2. Start deciding which ideas can be turned into a reality, and then begin to set GOALS based on the ideas who choose
  3. Once you have your long-term, broad goals selected, pick one and make a solid, step-by-step PLAN to reach that goal
  4. After you have followed your plan, you will either succeed or fail to reach your goal. If you failed, don’t worry; keep trying! You can overcome your obstacles if you keep making plans to get over, under, through, or around them. And when you do succeed, you will have shaped your own REALITY!

Check out our other articles about our 5-Step Process to explore this concept further!

Mad English Lab’s Goal Timeline

Mad English Lab
Mad English Lab



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Matt Cates is the co-founder and creative director of Mad English Lab.

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